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This example illustrates how to use a Collection of Models to store data, and how to tie changes in those to a View.

Working example: 3.html.
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Item class: The atomic part of our Model. A model is basically a Javascript object, i.e. key-value pairs, with some helper functions to handle event triggering, persistence, etc.

  var Item = Backbone.Model.extend({
    defaults: {
      part1: 'hello',
      part2: 'world'

List class: A collection of Items. Basically an array of Model objects with some helper functions.

  var List = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: Item

  var ListView = Backbone.View.extend({
    el: $('body'),
    events: {
      'click button#add': 'addItem'

initialize() now instantiates a Collection, and binds its add event to own method appendItem. (Recall that Backbone doesn't offer a separate Controller for bindings...).

    initialize: function(){
      _.bindAll(this, 'render', 'addItem', 'appendItem'); // remember: every function that uses 'this' as the current object should be in here

      this.collection = new List();
      this.collection.bind('add', this.appendItem); // collection event binder

      this.counter = 0;
    render: function(){

Save reference to this so it can be accessed from within the scope of the callback below

      var self = this;
      $(this.el).append("<button id='add'>Add list item</button>");
      _(this.collection.models).each(function(item){ // in case collection is not empty
      }, this);

addItem() now deals solely with models/collections. View updates are delegated to the add event listener appendItem() below.

    addItem: function(){
      var item = new Item();
        part2: item.get('part2') + this.counter // modify item defaults
      this.collection.add(item); // add item to collection; view is updated via event 'add'

appendItem() is triggered by the collection event add, and handles the visual update.

    appendItem: function(item){
      $('ul', this.el).append("<li>"+item.get('part1')+" "+item.get('part2')+"</li>");

  var listView = new ListView();
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